Application for Vice President/Treasurer

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position on the COACE Executive Board as Vice President or Treasurer, below is a list of the job requirements. Please read the information below and fill out the form.

Forms must be completed by Monday, March 27th in order to run for a seat on the board. 

The duties of the Vice President shall be:

1. To preside at meetings in the absence of the President;

2. To assist the President as necessary.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

1. To be the chief financial Officer of the organization;

2. To serve as chair of the Budget Committee but shall not serve on any committee charged with auditing or otherwise investigating the financial affairs of the organization;

3. To be responsible for all funds received or disbursed by the organization;

4. To collect and record the payment of dues;

5. To maintain an accurate list of active members, including their names, addresses and phone numbers;

6. To keep an accurate and current ledger of all income and expenses, and to report the financial status of the Association at all meetings;

7. To submit an annual financial statement to the membership;

8. To publish an annual budget;

9. To file required documents with the Internal Revenue Service to maintain the Association’s non­profit status;

10. To deposit all monies and other valuables/effects in the name of the Association in such depositories as may be designated by the Executive Board;

11. To render an account of all transactions as Treasurer and of the financial condition of the Association whenever called upon to do so by the Executive Board;

12. To submit the books for audit when necessary.

13. The Treasurer and any other Officers authorized to sign checks shall be bonded by a licensed agency.


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