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Master Agreement 2017-2020


Master Agreement 2020-2023

Salary and Supplemental Salary Scales

Explanation of Alternative Minimum Salary Adjustment

2020-2021 Salary Scale

2021-2022 Salary Scale

2022-2023 Salary Scale

2020-2021 Supplemental Salary Scale

2021-2022 Supplemental Salary Scale

2022-2023 Supplemental Salary Scale

Addendums/Agreements to the 2017-2020 Master Agreement

Article 17 and 18

Article 27

Mediation Agreement for Salary Committee

Previous Salary Scales

2018-2019 Salary Scale (correct version)

2018-2019 MA +18 Salary typo in the Agreement

Year 3-46,457
Year 4-46,457
Year 5-46,457
Year 6-46,457
Year 7-46,572
Year 8-46,572
Year 9-46,572
Year 10-46,686

2017-2018 Salary

2017-2018 Supplemental Salary

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UPDATED- FMLA Guidelines (Appendix A)




Non Member information
If a non-member has a question regarding a contract issue, the following fee scale will be implemented: (A person may join COACE and become a member at any time)

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